Voyager Properties real estate investment and development in the Phoenix AZ Metropolitan area

How We Started

Voyager was formed in 2002 for the purpose of providing lots to production home builders. The Company has in escrow or acquired approximately 900 acres with over 2,700 lots. Prior to forming Voyager, its executives were employed by large land development companies such as Communities Southwest, Continental Homes/Amcor Investments, and Harvard Development. During this time with previous companies, the executives acquired or developed some 32,000 acres and 73,000 lots. These projects include some of the notable master planned communities in Metropolitan Phoenix such as Tatum Ranch, The Islands, Tramonto, Garden Lakes, Eagle Mountain, and Augusta Ranch.

Voyager’s object is to build upon the proven success of its executives. By employing its extensive experience in residential land development, Voyager seeks to create value by providing entitled lots to its home building customers in locations close to major master planned communities in emerging markets.

What We Do

Voyager Investment Properties is an experienced land development company that strategically buys and positions predominately residential land assets for resale to retail users. Voyager and its capital partners have deployed their market expertise along with extensive Metro Phoenix development experience to achieve this objective. A snap shot of the Voyager land development experience acan be seen in the accompanying map and chart. Over the past several recession plagued years, Voyager has acquired more than $60 million of finished and partially finished home sites along with numerous undeveloped residential parcels. Almost all of these assets have been strategically purchased from banks and other seller of "distressed property". Once an asset is acquired, Voyager applies its vast development builders during the recovery process. The sales volume of just the finished or partially finished lots has been $60 million or about a 266% return of acquistion capital so far with more finished lots to sell.

A continuing Voyager strategy has been to purchase assets in established submarket areas that readily have infrastructure or identified infrastructure solution to serve the accquired assets. Voyager continues to seek such high quality residential and mixed use opportunities in the vast Metro Phoenix area. Voyager principals, Mark Voigt and Dave Rogers are available for additional information.